Free Google Play Gift Cards from Loco app

Hello Friends, In this article I'm going to show you how you can get free google play gift cards for free. Guys this is a real and and hundred percent genuine method. I will not tell you about those fake tricks which never works. This will give you real Google Play Credits.
And if you don't know about what is Google Play Gift Cards then I would like to tell you about this. You can use Google Play Gift Cards to purchase games or apps or movies on Play Store.
Guys I am going to tell you about an app. This app is a gaming streaming app and we will get our free Google Play Gift Card from this app. This app's name is Loco.

Loco: An Introduction

Loco is a most popular gaming and streaming platform in India. And this app gives us free gift cards game recharge and much more things for free. But to get these things you will need some loco coins which is very easy, let's see how you can get free loco coins.
There is four methods of getting free loco coins.
First you will need to login every day in this app. On every login day you will get free scratch card, which gives you 5 - 1600 coins for free.
Second is, you have to watch streaming videos. For this you will get 400 coins every day.
Third is, you can play free arena games for this you will get 100 coins.
And last you can get coins in free giveaways in streaming videos.

So this is how you can get free loco coins. But the question is, what will we do with these coins.
Well, we will redeem these coins for Google Play Gift Cards or even Amazon Pay gift Cards. You can redeem 1000 coins for ₹100 Google Play Gift Card. And 5000 for ₹500 Google Play Gift Card. And you can also redeem ₹10 or ₹50 gift cards too. That's cool.

Install this app from here.

How to redeem loco coins for Google Play Gift Cards

Guys you can redeem only loco coins only on 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 9PM. So make sure to set your alarm. Redeeming is very easy you can see more about in that app. And when you get your Google Play Gift Cards then redeem them in your Play Store app.

If you don't know how to redeem Google Play Gift Cards. You can read this article.

Oh yes if you are first reader of this article then you can redeem these Google Play Gift Cards too. These five gift cards can be used only once. Check this if nobody has redeemed it. You can.


Thanks for reading this article. Have a nice day. 👍👍
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