10 Ways to find High CPC Keywords in 2022 [Best Topics List]

How to find high cpc keywords (trick and list)
If you are starting a new blog or you have already a blog and you want to know how you can find high cpc keywords. In this article I will tell you how you can get High CPC Keywords for your blog. I have created a list which will help you to research and get high CPC keywords.
This is my personal experience about high CPC keywords. But before starting I would like to tell you 90 percent time high CPC keywords has high competition. So keep this thing in mind and also focus on low competition keywords. So let's see how to find high CPC keywords for YouTube and blog.

How to find high CPC Keywords?

These are some topics, which has always high cpc and high traffic. You should research about these topics related keywords. I'm sure you will find better keywords for your website or YouTube channel.

1. Medical Related Keywords

Every keyword which is related to health or medical, has always high CPC. And also you will see many medical realated keywords has low competition. You can try this if you have good knowledge of medical.

2. Insurance Policy Related Keywords

Insurance is the highest CPC keyword in the world and it has also highest competition. Insurance Policy related every keywords are always has higher CPC in market.

3. Internet Service Related Keywords

Internet Service is the 2nd highest CPC topic. Keywords related to Domain registration and Hosting Service are also has higher CPC. That's why most of the blogger try to teach everyone about Internet. Because they know that Internet related Keywords are always has higher CPC.

4. Economical Keywords

Economy and budget related keywords are also has high CPC.

5. Online Shopping Related Keywords

Online shopping craze is high, You will see always high traffic on this topic. This is the second topic I like. You will get high CPC and high traffic on your blog, if you rank on any shopping related keyword. This is better for Affiliate Websites and Blogs.

6. Cryptocurrency and Share Market Related Keyword

Cryptocurrency and Share market is not a new keyword in market. This topics are always has higher CPC.

7. Keywords Related to Online Courses

If you want to start a course downloading website or online courses review website. Then I would like to tell you you are going to get high traffic and high CPC. Online courses are related to online shopping that's why this topic has high CPC.

8. Gaming and in-game Purchase related keywords

Every keywords which is related to in game purchase or game's coins purchase, have always higher CPC. PUBG and BGMI UC is a high CPC and high traffic and also high competition keyword in the field. If you want to start a gaming website you should try.

9. Tech & Gadget related keywords

New tech and new gadget has no competition till everyone know about those. But if you want to start blog or website on this topic you will have to always research on upcoming tech. This topic is also has high CPC and high Search Volume.

So these are some well known high CPC topics for blogs and website. These topics are always has high CPC keywords and high competition. Sometime (about 15%) some keywords with high CPC has low competition. You should try to find those keywords.
And always some low search volume keywords has high CPC. You should try to use those keywords if you are beginner. And if you are pro you can use any types of keywords. But I'm sure, if you are reading this article that means you are a beginner.

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