How to Purchase a Domain with Google

How to purchase domain name from google domains
A domain name is identity of your website. And it is unique and only can be registered by one person or one company. In this article I will teach you how you can register domain name with Google Domains. You should always use a good domain registrar for your domain name registration. Google Domains is my recommended domain registrar and this is a product of Google, so you can trust on this. Google Domains offers free privacy protection and free premium dns with every domain. So without spending to much time let's see How to register domain name at Google.

Register Domain at Google

Domain registration at Google is very easy. To register a new domain in Google, follow along with this tutorial.

1) First visit on , and sign in with your Gmail account. This is the official website of Google Domain Registrar.
Google domains official website

2) Search for your domain name in search box. You will see your domain there if that is available and many other related domains. Every domain name will be available at $12. Some of them could be premium, premium domain costs some extra money.
Search new domain name

3) Choose which domain you want to purchase. Then click on the plus cart icon button after the domain. which you want to register. 
Click on add to Cart

4) Them click on final cart icon given above in navbar.
Click on continue to cart

5) Now check your products in cart and turn on privacy protection and auto renewal as well. Privacy Protection will help to hide your personal information on internet. And Auto renewal would not let your domain expired. And then click on CHECK OUT.
Review domain in cart

6) Now you have to give your personal information. After filling your Personal Information click on Save and Continue.
Fill your personal information

7) And now recheck your domain and make your transaction. You can use Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Google Pay.
Make your payment

Now your domain name is registered with Google domains. You can use your domain name wherever you want. To manage your domain you have to visit , You can manage your domain names, their dns and renewal from there.

Benefits of Using Google Domains

Google domains provides excellent features for free with every domain. When you register domain on Google, you will get

  • Free email forwarding, privacy protection, one-click DNSSEC and Google 2-Step Verification.
  • You get fastest Google DNS servers that run on Google infrastructure. You will experience an unbreakable security with 24/7 live support.
  • You can also try free email forwarding upto 100 aliases.

Google Domain Prices

Domain name on Google starts with ₹500($7). But most common domains are available at 860 rupees ($12). So this is the basic domain price on Google. You can also purchase premium domain name on Google.

Does Google domain impect on SEO (No)

Most common question people always search does domain which is registered in Google domain impact on SEO. The simple answer is 'No'. Google does not care where you purchase your domain. If your website has better SEO your website will rank. Without SEO website will not be ranked.

Google Domain Overview (Conclusion)

Google Domains is my recommended domain name provider. With Google domains you got free privacy protection, premium dns and high quality security. You should try Google domains. It is also available on affordable prices. I have personally registered more than 10 domains on Google Domains.

Now you know google domain name registration and you can purchase Google domain. In this article we have covered how to purchase domain name from google. What is Google domains features.

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