How to use Ubersuggest for free unlimited time [Keyword Research]

How to use Ubersuggest for free unlimited time for Keyword Research
Hello friends, today I'm going to tell you how you can use Neil Patel Ubersuggest for free for keyword research. Friends Ubersuggest is one of the best and cheapest keyword research tool available on the internet. And I will teach you a genuine method to use unlimited time free keyword research in Ubersuggest.


Ubersuggest is an official keyword research tool of Neil Patel. Who is a successful blogger and SEO expert. Ubersuggest is a better platform for keyword research and analysing your competitors and your own website. So let's see how to use neil patel's ubersuggest for free.

How to use Ubersuggest for Free unlimited times

Friends we have 4 options to use ubersuggest and I will tell you all of them. Some of them are officially provided by Ubersuggest and one is my personal trick which I always use.

1. Daily Free Research

Friends ubersuggest give us free use for three time. We can use ubersuggest for three time free and after that Ubersuggest will ask you to purchase subscription. This is official method and we will use that method in our free unlimited keyword research trick.

2. Using Google Account

Ubersuggest offers us to sign up with Google account. And when we sign up with google account, we can use ubersuggest for 10 times daily for free. This is also very useful for learners. You should try this. It will help you when you have not to do a long keyword research. And also it will give you some more features.

3. Using Incognito Mode (trick)

This is one of my favourite trick on internet. Ubersuggest offers everyone to use thier service 3 time daily for free in one browser. But when we use incognito mode all time we got a new browser for them. And we can use ubersuggest unlimited time for free.

I'm using this trick for more than 2 months, But one thing you will not like about this trick is, You can only use three time in one time. So you will have to close and start incognito mode again and again. And this is terrible.

4. Paid Subscription

This is the only method if you want to get full benefit of Ubersuggest. And I will also recommend you to use a premium account. Because this is the cheapest Keyword research tool available in market. You can get lifetime premium account for just $300. And you will get backlink checker, Keyword Research, Competitors Analysis and much more new features.

Best Alternative of Ubersuggest

But if you don't want to use Ubersuggest I will suggest you to use Google Keyword planner. Google Keyword Planner is the best and free keyword research tool on the internet. And it has the most active crawler on the internet. So it will give you the latest information in the industry. This is the best option for you if you want to use free keyword research tool.

Now you have idea how you can use keyword research tools for free. Go and research about your choice of keywords.

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