How to start Blogging in 2022 [Blogger]

How to start blog in 2022
Guys, In this article we are going to learn how we can start a Blog in 2022. And which problems will come when we start a blog in 2022. We will learn about problems and solutions of blogging in this time.
First we always have to most popular platform for blogging one is Blogger that is completely free and second is WordPress that is paid. We will talks about both.

Blogging in 2022

Yes, Blogging in 2022 is possible and you also can rank in 2022 too. But you have to be very carefull because in this time competetion are very hard. If you want to start a blog then this website WPARUN is always with you, we will help you with our articles and tricks to rank in Google first page.

Which Problems will come in 2022 in Blogging?

You already know in this time competition are hard but also a lot of topics are available with zero competeton. The most common problem you will face in 2022 is that you will get high competetion and adblock.

High Competition is not a big problem in blogging but adblocking plugins and browsers are a negative points for every old and new bloggers.

WordPress VS Blogger in 2022

Blogger is a great platform for blogging and also it has no limit for daily traffic and website will never crash on Blogger. But the problem with Blogger is this, Blogger websites speed is a little bit slower than cloud server hosted WordPress websites. Removing date from URL is not supporting by Blogger that is a negative point for Blogger and also you cann't use any SEO plugin in blogger.

But WordPress is a great platform for blogging, It is paid but you can get better speed than Blogger. Also you can cosstomize your url look and also you can use any plugin you want. This will help you to optimize your website SEO and speed.

Before 2020 Blogger was a better patform but in 2022 competiton are not easy. So I will not recommend you to use Blogger in this time. You should go with WordPress if you want to rank in Google first page.

Starting Blog in 2022

You can start your blog in 2022 without any tension. We have a list, you should follow these. It will help you to rank your website in high comptition. Because in 2022 only competition is not hard, Search engine algorithm are also much smart.

  • You should follow google every guideline.
  • You should not use keyword stuffing
  • Create high Quality Backlink profiles.
  • Use and optimize images in blog posts.
  • Use light weight Theme.
  • Publish atractive articles.
  • Donn't make clickbait with titles.
  • Create all required pages. (About us, Contact us, Disclaimer and privacy policy)
  • Publish articles frequently
  • Create web stories.

You will see a lot of blogs ranking on first page within 3 months. So it's not much hard if you follow these rules you will definately rank in Google. And you can make a lot of money throw blogging.
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