AdPayLink Link Shortener website full review [High Payout Rates]

AdPayLink Link Shortener website full review

Guys, AdPayLink is a new
link Shortener website which pay you for every url clicks. You can earn money by shortening any url and sharing with your friends or anyone. If they click on that link and visit that particular url, you will get paid. A lot of people are making money from this website.

But before starting I would like to tell you what a link Shortener website is. Link shortener websites help you to make your link shorter. You can short your link to earn money.

This is a genuine website and it offers many features. So let's see it's all features first.

AdPayLink Features

Best CPM rates

AdPayLink is best url shortening website. You can earn more money from your every links that you shortened from this website. This website has highest CPM rates and they promise us to to increase our income upto 325%.
You will get minimum of $3 and upto $13 per thousand url clicks.

10% Referal Bonus for Lifetime

AdPayLink has also a great refferal program. You can refer this website to your other friends. If your friends or anyone create account with your referral link. You will get 10% of their earnings for lifetime. And this 10% will not be cut from your friends earning. So this is a great option.

Minimum Withdraw Limit

AdPayLink's minimum withdrawal limit is 5 dollar. And also you can withdraw your earning daily. This website uses PayPal, Perfect Money, OVO, DANA, Gopay and Bank Transfer facilities to withdraw your earning. So you just earn and withdraw your money.

No Annoying Ads

AdPayLink's most beautiful thing is that it doesn't serve pop up and annoying ads to the visitors of url. So this will help to keep your visitors trust.

Automatic Link Shorter

This website uses link shortener api to short links and it is automatically. You don't have to short your links manually. And also you can use link unshorten to unshort your links.

Link Shortener For Instagram

This website's urls are perfectly working with Instagram. If you want to share links on Instagram and Facebook or on twitter you should use this website to creat short links. You can share links on Instagram profile to earn more money.

Note: This website counts 1 ip address for 1 valid view in 24 hours. All their ads payment are based with each country rates above. {alertWarning}

Sometimes this website does not work due to firebase DDOS attack checking feature. {alertWarning}

My Personal Review for AdPayLink

AdPayLink is a better option for everyone who wants to earn money through url shortening. I like this website because it has highest CPM and many payment options. Also it is serving for a long time. But one thing I don't like of this website is that they counts only one view from an ip address in 24 hours. You should try this website too.

I hope you like this article. If you don't want to use use AdPayLink here is a list of Best url shortening websites with full details. You can use anyone of them.

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