Which domain is better .Com or .in

.com vs .in domain name full comparison in seo
Friends in this article we are going to compare .com vs .in in detail. We will see SEO factors, targeted audience and local SEO. So let's see difference between these two domain extension first.

Difference between .com and .in 

The main different between these two domain extensions is that .com is a Top Level Domain and .in is a country code Top Level Domain. But there a more difference between these two domains.

Character count

.com domain has 3 character and .in has 2 character and if we see counting of letters .in is a better option have short domain name. But extension doesn't play much role in domain name character counts.

International Profile

.com is world widely recognised domain but if you use .in domain extension, .in is not much popular in international websites. These two are the major difference between these domains.

.com vs .in

In the view of SEO, Domain Extension does not matter for search engines. So you can choose anyone of them. But extension matters with users so be careful before selecting domain names. It is very important thing to understand your preferred domain. It's play a big role in local SEO. Before choosing any domain you should understand your business and audience.

International Audience

If your target is international audience. You should always go with .com domain name. You should not use .in domain for your website. Because most of the international users could be confused with your domain extension.

Indian Audience

If your target is Indian audience, you can use anyone of them. Because.com and .in both are popular in india. And both had a high profile. So if your targeted audience is limited to India you should purchase .in domain for your website. And you should also purchase .com domain and .com domain should be 301 redirected to your .in domain name.
This would help to secure your domain name too. 

.com vs .in on website language

If your website language is an Indian language as Hindi, Punjabi etc. You should go with .in domain name and you don't need .com domain. But if your website language is English you should go with .com domain name.
But this thing does not matter.

In the view of Search Engine

Search Engine never mind your domain extension in local SEO. But Search Engine always rank country code domain in that particular country. So if you use .in domain name your website can't rank in America, Pakistan, Bangladesh. And if you use .com domain your website could rank in every country.

Overall .com domain name is a better option. If you are confused about domain name you should go with .com domain without any hesitation. But keep in mind domain name does not matter much in SEO.

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