Loco app Free Amazon Pay Gift Cards [Unlimited Coins]

How to get unlimited coins in loco app
Hello Friends, In this article I'm going to tell you how you can get unlimited Amazon Pay Gift Cards from Loco app. This trick is 100% working trick. I have already used this trick. And in this article I will give a Amazon Pay Gift Card Code, Anyone who will be the first reader can redeem that code.
So let's see how to get unlimited Loco Coins to Redeem Unlimited Amazon Pay Gift Cards or BGMI UC.
Friends Loco is now the most popular gaming platform in India. It has also partnership with Battlegrounds Mobile India. So this app gives you free BGMI UC or Amazon Pay Gift Cards. You can redeem Gift Cards for free in this app.

How to get Unlimited Loco Coins?

Friends, If you want to get unlimited Loco coins then read this complete article. I will show you exact process of getting unlimited coins for unlimited redeems.
There are 4 Genuine way to get loco coins. These four methods are given below.

Daily Free Scratch Card

You will get daily one free scratch card. When will you scratch the card you may get upto 1600 coins daily. But you can get only one time 1600 loco coins.

Watching Live Streaming

You will get 400 loco coins daily for watching live streams of players on loco app. And this is the best way to earn loco coins.

Playing Arena Games

You can also earn upto 500 loco coins daily via playing Arena Games. This is the second best way to earn loco coins.

Win Daily Giveaways

You may also win giveaways. A lot of giveaways are daily offers by the streamers on loco app. You can participate in giveaways to win grand prizes.

These are the 4 Genuine way to earn loco coins. Further I will tell you how you can get unlimited Loco coins.
But this is the time of Amazon Pay Gift Card Code. This is the ₹25 Amazon Pay Gift Card Code: [HN8W-CUV4MM-JMQ2]. Redeem this, if you are the first person who is reading this article. You can get 25 rupees instant in your Amazon Pay. Let's see Unlimited Loco Coins trick.

Unlimited Loco Coins Trick

Friends this trick is working on  27 August, We don't guarantee if it doesn't work in future.
This trick is working with scratch card. You can get your scratch card rewards many times. Only you have to split your screen. Full detail is given below.

First you have to scratch your card. When you see the coins on card (ex. 50 coins) do not close the card. Now you have to split your screen. How many times you split your screen you will get more coins. If you split your screen 100 times you will get 100×50 coins.
Loco app unlimited scratch cards

So go and try this trick in Loco app and get unlimited coins in loco app. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏
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