Best Time to Download Torrent Files [High Speed]

How to increase Torrent download speed

What is Torrent Downloading

Torrent is a  system that provide resumable file downloading service and it is completely free for downloaders. You can use torrent to download any file with resume feature. If you pause downloading, you can resume your downloading whenever you want. It would not restart your downloading. Torrent is mostly used to download large files. Sometime it has slow downloading speed problem. And in this article you will learn how to fix torrent slow downloading speed.

Torrent Downloading Speed Problem

Sometimes when you try to download any torrent movie or any file with torrent, you see your download speed almost 0 kbps. This problem is very common, today I am going to tell you how you can increase your torrent downloading speed and fix this problem.

We have many tricks to increase our torrent download speed. In this article you will learn about some methods. You can use everyone of them. They are given below.
  • Using VPN
  • Updating settings
  • Best Time for downloading

Best time for torrent downloading

First of all I am going to say you that you should always try to download torrent files after midnight. I download torrent file always before morning. This method is always working, it is the only time when most of the servers are working without any load. That's why torrent downloading speed are always better after midnight.

Using VPN

Sometime you have to use VPN for speed because when torrent server is not near you. It would send that particular file to you through many stops and your download speed gets slower. But when you use VPN for that country where Torrent Server is located. Then you will be direct connected to the torrent server after VPN. And your torrent downloading speed would be faster.

Updating Current Torrent Settings

If you still facing slow speed problem you should check your torrent application settings. Problem could be there. Make sure to set all your settings as default.

These three steps are enough to speed up your downloading but if you are still getting slow speed. The problem could be in torrent server where file is located. Then you should try to use other torrent to download that file or you should download that file via mirror links or direct links.

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