How to Get Free UC in BGMI [100% Working and Genuine]

How to get free uc in bgmi
Every BGMI player wants to get free UC in their game to purchase Elite Royal pass. And today I am going to tell you how you can get free UC in BGMI. This trick will also work for Arena Free Fire. So read this complete article and if you like this share this with your other BGMI Player friends.

How to get free BGMI UC or Diamonds

Friends, I'm going to tell you about two apps thats provide free BGMI UC, Free Fire Diamond and Real PayTM cash or Amazon Pay Gift Cards. Further we will learn how we can get UC from them but now lets know about that apps why they are paying BGMI UC or Money to us for free. Okay, they are not really paying for free. They only pay when we watch live streaming gaming videos on their platform. So in real meaning getting UC, Diamond and money are free of cost. But we have to watch videos. These two app are mentioned here.

  • LOCO streaming app.

How to get money and BGMI UC from LOCO?

Loco is an Indian gaming platform and it has also partnership with Battlegrounds Mobile India. So you always can trust on this app. This app provides only BGMI UC and Amazon Pay Gift Cards. Loco does not give Free Fire diamonds but you can buy diamonds through it's Amazon Pay GIft Cards.

You gets daily one scrach cards and when you scrate that card you will get 50 loco coins. But in starting till 5 weeks you get 5 to 1600 coins while scrating cards.

If you watch 59 minutes of live streaming you will get 400 additional coins daily. But you should watch only those live streaming videos who has less than 10K followers if you watch anyone's streaming who has more than 10K followers you have to watch 118 minutes of live streaming. So always watch streaming videos of that creators who has less than 10K followers. (You can watch streaming on 144px.)

And when you play games in that app you can get 100 coins within 15 minutes. and upto 500 conis daily.

Overall you can get daily 550 loco coins easily. And upto 950 if you play games.

This app also provide refferal bonus but I will not recommend you to do that.

How to redeem BGMI UC from LOCO?

You can redeem BGMI UC daily from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM. BGMI UC are released in every hour. Amazon Pay Gifts cards are released in every 3 hours. You can redeem upto three times in a week. Redeemption rate are given below.

Coins Rewards
500 coins ₹10 Amazon Pay Gift Card.
1250 coins ₹25 Amazon Pay Gift Card.
5000 coins ₹100 Amazon Pay Gift Card.
50,000 coins ₹1000 Amazon Pay Gift Card.
3750 coins 60UC BGMI
19,000 coins 300UC +25UC BGMI

19000/550 = 34.55

Means you can get your free BGMI Elite Royall Pass in 35 days. And one thing it will instantly recharge your account when you redeem BGMI UC. It does not take waiting time. That's why I will recommend you this app. I have also redeemed UC from this app.

Loco app payment proof
Loco app payment proof

How to get money and BGMI UC from ROOTER?

This is another app. This app does not provide Amazon Pay Gift Card but It provides PayTM cash and also it provides many games coins incluing Arena Free Fire. So please share this article to your Fire Fire Players friends. This app is also made in India.

You will get daily one spin but most of the time you will get only 25 coins in this spin.

And if you watch live streaming videos you will get upto 900 coins daily. But it is not confirmed that this app will daily give you 900 coins. Sometime it will only gives 375 coins in a day.

But you can participate in Events and get upto 10,000 coins within 5 days. Probablity of getting featured in Events are very low. So this means nothing.

Overall you can earn upto 1000 coins in a day but not always.

How to redeem BGMI UC or PayTM cash from Rooter app?

In offer section you can redeem your coins. for Battlgrounds Mobile India Unknown Cash (BGMI UC) or PayTM Cash or any other game coins. Redeemption rate is given below.

Coins Rewards
3000 coins ₹25 PayTM cash
5000 coins ₹50 PayTM cash
10,000 coins ₹100 PayTM cash
50,000 coins ₹1000 Amazon Pay Gift Card.
7500 coins 60UC BGMI
37,500 coins 300UC +25UC BGMI

And if you can wants to redeem Free Fire or any other game coins please check that in this app.
This app can take upto 20 days to succeed your redemption.

Rooter app payment proof
Rooter App Payment Proof

Final Recommendation

So these are the two apps that will provide you free Battlegrounds Mobile India means BGMI uc or Real Money for free. If you want to use only one of them I will recommend you to go with Loco. Beacause this app does not take time when we redeem and also this app is paying more than Rooter. And you can get your BGMI Royal Pass in only 35 days.
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