Can we remove Blogger M=1, SEO tips for blogging 2022

Remov blogger m=1 from url

Today we will give you some better tips for Blogger to improve SEO of your blog. This tips are only for Blogger not for wordpress. If you are new or old it does matter this tips will help everyone to increase their site visibility to the search engines. And also we will cover is really Blogger good in 2022.,

Blogger Quick Introduction

Blogger is a free platform for blogging, anyone can use this platform to create their free website with unlimited hosting and free subdomain. A lot of people are earning money with blogger you could also be one of them. It is very easy to create blogs on Blogger.

Is Blogger Good in 2022?

If you are asking for making money from Blogging, Blogger is not very good platform to create blogs or website, Because in 2022 competitions are very hard and most of the well optimised websites are ranking in google first page. You could not beat anyone Blogger if he use Wordpress. Because there is a lot of free plugins are available for Wordpress but there is no plugin option to optimize Blogger.
Also paid hosting blogs are much faster than blogger and anyone can easily increase their website speed but Blogger is much more slower in speed. That's why it's very hard to rank any blogger hosted site in Google Search Results Page.
But wordpress could be crashed and Blogger could not be crashed because Blogger is hosted by Google with no limitation. And also it is free, you can use Blogger to learning or blogging if you are beginner.

How to remove M=1 from Blogger?

There is a JavaScript code available to hide this mobile specific tag from url. That code can only hide m=1 tag from url. Technically there is no way to remove M=1 tag from Blogger, It is seted by Blogger and only could be remove by the Blogger Admin.
And date could also be hide from url but you should not use these codes in blogger. Because these codes can decrease your website speed much more and affect your blog SEO.

Tips for Blogger in 2022

If you are using Blogger is 2022 then you should use these tips for you blog. These tips will help you to increase your visibility to search engines.
  1. You should not use any third party scripts to your sites. If you do your website could be slow.
  2. You should not use many Images in blog, only use images for thumbnail and when it required.
  3. You should remove unnecessary codes from template.
  4. Verify your site on Facebook and publish your links in Facebook.
  5. You should use pinterest this will give you a lot of visits from google images search. Pinterest is fastest growing platform.
  6. Create web stories, Web Stories will be trend in 2022. If you don't know about web stories you should search this on youtube you will get proper tutorials about creating intresting web stories.
  7. Do proper SEO, In past few years doing SEO is not mandatory but now competitions are hard. So you should do proper SEO of your site.

These are 7 tips you should follow with your site to rank in Google and other search engines. If you have any query please drop your comment in comment box.
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