Perfect Image Aspect Ratio and Resolution for Blogs [2022]

Best Image Aspect Ratio and Resolution for Website and Blogs

Most of the bloggers are often confused about choosing thumbnail image size and aspect ratio. So we have published this article, In this article we have fully covered Image's Aspect Ratio and Resolution for Blog. After reading this article, you will know which image size and aspect ratio will be right for your blog.

Best Image Aspect Ratio and Resolution for Blog

Images are most important thing in blogging, it helps the readers and make them focused on article. If you do not use image in your blog post visitors may be quite your page. So always use images in blogs, it also play better role in SEO.

How to choose Perfect Aspect Ratio for Images

We use 5:3 ratio and 640×384 resolution for our website images.
It depends on your website theme, content and other factors like Google Image Search and Google News. So when you are going to choose standard image resolution and aspect ratio, keep in mind these all.

Google News Thumbnail Aspect Ratio

Google news is the best source of traffic, many blog has already receiving mollions of traffic from Google News. You can always see google news screen on your phone home page's left side. Google news only show 3:2 ratio in sidebar of Android Phone home. So It would be better if you use 3:2 ratio for image for Google News website. But it is not required.

Best Image Aspect Ratio for Mobile View

In this time this is a very important factor for Blog User Experience. Every new phone has long screen size and vertical so you should not use much wider images in blog posts. wider images would not be good for for viewing, less wider image are good for mobile viewing experience. So you should try 3:2 to 2:3 ratio images. You can see this image to understand the ratio between 3:2-2:3.
Blog Image Aspect Ratio list

Best Image Aspect Ratio for Desktop View

Desktop view is just opposite of Mobile view. So for Desktop view wider images are better. So you should always use wider images for desktop viewing experience. Most common ratio for Desktop view is 16:9 images, You can use little bit less or more wider images.
If you have been confused between Mobile and Desktop supporting Image Ratio. Don't worry you have to use neither much wider nor less wider images, edit your image arround 3:2 ratio. Wparun is also using images arround 3:2 ratio.
But if you have only Desktop users or Mobile users, you may use best supporting images for that specific users.

Depends on Content Page Width

Image aspect ratio always depends on content width. If your website is designed for 720px wide content, You should not use wider images than 720px. It does not make any sense if you are using wider images. Because your page will only show 720px wide images. So you should not use wider images than content width. It would only decrease your website loading speed.

Future Proof Image Aspect Ratio for Blogs

If you are working on free platform like Blogger for your blog and you have a plan to move on WordPress. You should use same image resolution and ratio, which would you use in WordPress. So always keep in mind when you are choosing Perfect Image Ratio for your blog. If you have to redesign your site in future.

Thumbnail Aspect Ratio for Bloggers

If You are a youtuber you may use 16:9 images for your blog if you want to use same image for your YouTube Video thumbnail. But you should not, if you use different image for YouTube thumbnail it would help in image SEO for your blog and YouTube video too.

WPARUN Image Aspect Ratio and Resolution

Wparun uses 640px width and 384px height for images. So our website image ratio is 5:3, it's near about 3:2. We uses this ratio for our next theme, So this ratio would be better for our new theme. You can see no images are fit with our this current website template.
If you also have planning for new theme upgrade you should use only images which would be fit for your new Blog Template.

These are some better tips about choosing blog post image aspect ratio. It would be very helpful for you, if you consider this.

Is Image Aspect Ratio matter in SEO

No, Image Aspect Ratio does not matter in SEO, but it is important for SEO. If you are using unfamiliar Image in blog posts, user may be distract and leave your page. It would increase bounce rate. And your page rank will be down. So Image Ration does not matter directly in SEO but it would affect your ranking indirectly. That's why you should use better images for better user experience.

I think this would really help you to choose better standard image resolution and aspect for your website. If you are a beginner you may read our more articles about Blogging.
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