Which is best domain .Com vs .Co.in

.com vs.co.in domain extension comparison

If you are planning to start a blog on website in 2022. It is necessary to understand which domain is better to rank your website in 2022. Commonly .IN, .COM and .CO.IN domains are used in India, Bloggers use .in and .com domains while big companies like Google, Amazon use .co.in domain extension for India. But most of the time .in domains are not available, then people purchase .com or .co.in domain. If you are comfused between .com and .co.in domain we will compare both of domain then you can understand which domain extension is right for you.

Difference Between .com and .co.in domains

There is a major difference between these domains. .COM is an international level domain which could be used to publish in and outside of the country but 
.CO.IN is a country based domain which is not so much good for International business. .com also consists 4 character while .co.in consists 6 character, these are the only technical difference between these both domains.

When to buy .Com and when .Co.in

It depends on your targeted audience, if you are planning to target international visitors you should always go with .com domain and if your targeted audience is limited to India only. You can use anyone of them. Both are good for business in India but .co.in is not good for International business.

Is TLD better than ccTLD

Both domain's meanings are different, both are best on their place. So we can't compare these domains. But people probably goes with TLD domains.

What is TLD

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. This types of domains are usually used international and country based both types of websites. If you register TLD domain search engine also understands that the website would be available for everyone in the world. So it's good for blogging.

What is ccTLD

ccTLD stands for country code Top Level Domain, this types of domains are used to create websites which targeted audiences are in a particular country. This type of domains are good to rank websites in specific country. So it is very good for local business and local blogging.

In Search Engine Perspective

Search Engines does not focus on domain name extension. If your website has good DA, PA and content your website may rank with any domain name with any extension even if you use free domain or subdomain. But if your website does have good DA, PA and Content, It would be very difficult to rank your site. It doesn't matter which domain extension you are using.

So you can use any domain name which you like. It would not affect your site ranking. Finally .COM vs .CO.IN comparison ends with no results.
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